Monday, 16 April 2012

a p r i l s i x t e e n t h

I really needed a window treatment solution that would fit behind our new couch. It also had to be able to darken the room, and give us privacy at night, while still allowing us to open them during the day to supervise the kids and see our beautiful view. 

Oh, and did I mention I have no money? 

So, this was my solution. I already had the blinds and the fabric, so I cut the fabric into 4 pieces and sewed it onto the bamboo blinds using upholstery thread and a curved needle. Each blind took about an hour to complete. It took some patience. And two days, since I had to wait for the baby to nap before I could work on it. 

The end result!

 They roll up individually like roman shades. I love how the top flap from the bamboo blinds hangs over the top of the blinds. It ties in the black and white fabric with our natural coloured sofa.

So, it was a free project! However, if I had to buy all the materials, it wouldn't have been too expensive. The blinds are $17 each at Walmart and the fabric was around $16 from Ikea.

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