Thursday, 3 May 2012

m a y t h i r d

I had some rustic wood shelves made up for me by a local artisan, since I don't own any tools of my own, or know how to source out live-edge wood. I had him make me a simple "L" shape to keep it simple. I bought the brackets used for $2 a piece! The whole project came to under $125 total, for a custom 5ft x 8ft corner "desk".
Now my kids can sit at a chair next to me and colour or work on projects.

We also mounted the TV on the wall. It's a 42" tv that I use as a monitor. We put the computer tower up on a high shelf in the hallway closet behind the wall it's mounted on to keep it toddler safe. I find towers such an eyesore, so this was a great solution. Besides, that top shelf in the hallway closet was just a junk magnet anyways!

We just put the shelf up today, so I haven't had a chance to arrange everything to make it look nice and balanced yet. Nor have I had time to hide all the wires and speakers, so I just cropped them out of the photo for now.

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