Wednesday, 15 February 2012

f e b r u a r y f i f t e e n t h

Today was Opalina Ballerina's very first day away from Mom and Dad.  Her first day at The Nest!
The Nest is a language program for babies and toddlers to prepare them for full time Secwepemctsin immersion preschool. She's in "school" 3 full days a week now! My little baby is growing up! *sniffle*


  1. That corner of your house is something I love - the light pouring in from your front door. It's so inviting and warm and lovely in your home. I love visiting. I can perfectly picture in my mind what it looks like if you turn your head to the right too.

    And you're using the bag! That's the bag I gave you, right? I had forgot about it! It was my fav!

    I love you! I've been waiting for your pics for days! xo

    1. Yes! That's the bag you passed down to me, MJ! It's perfect! We love it, too. :)

      I miss you visiting as well. Lately I've been feeling my home getting stagnant and run-down. I'm desperate for some Big Change. I'm sure it will look completely different again by the time you're here in the spring!

      I've been having a hard time finding the time to make my posts every day. But the photos are being taken! They just don't make it over to my computer for a long time.

  2. Oh, wow. That's a real milestone for everyone, including Mom. But what an awesome opportunity for her! You are a good kí7ce. (Did I get that right?)

    And the light is lovely. Your images are always so real, Opal.

    1. Yes! You got it perfect! ki7ce! (it sounds sort of like "geek-ha"). We call me Mom, but her Dad is always called Qetse (which sounds like "gatcha").

      I go through different thought processes when taking my images. Often it's like "gonna take a picture, quick, tidy up and frame it so that my house looks nicer" and then I abandon that idea and take the photo anyways, regardless of how the house looks. I want to capture our home, the way it is now, and the reality is that our home is almost ALWAYS a mess. The more I abandon my idea of what a photo on a blog "should" look like, the more I'm falling in love with my photos. :)