Friday, 24 February 2012

f e b r u a r y t w e n t y f o u r t h

This daughter of ours has her own taste. She'll go along with what we offer her, but if the opportunity arises, she has very strong opinions about what she likes. We'll be walking along the clothing section at Superstore, and she'll be looking around, like 'la dee dah doo dee doo' and then BAM! She'll spot the little girls clothing section and suddenly she's flipping out! She's twisting in every direction, trying to leap out of her shopping cart seat, frantically pointing and saying "DAT! DAT! DAAAAT!" and reaching for her favourite things.
Meanwhile, I'm experiencing a wave of emotions that oscillate between horrified dread and trembly giggles. Who is this child? Clearly she has responded much differently to our gender neutral parenting style than our son did. Because all her favourite things? Are pink. Pink, pink, pink with a little extra pink added. The brighter the pink, the better.
And shoes! She loves shoes. These were the purchased item of the day, because I thought they were pretty darn cute, too. Plus they fit her feet perfectly and don't fall off because they velcro up the sides. And they were only $16.
The other item that had her almost breaking her back trying to reach? A shirt...with a picture of shoes on it. That said "I love shoes".

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