Friday, 16 March 2012

m a r c h s i x t e e n t h

It was 12 years ago today my Dove took my hand and walked me out the door of my Mother's house for our First Date.
We walked and walked, for hours, falling madly and deeply in love. There was no awkward conversation, or standard dating procedures. Our hearts were soaring, and our souls led the way that night. We both knew that this was officially the beginning of a life together, and it felt so right.

Dove asked me to be his wife that night, in the first hour of our evening together, and then asked again in the last hour of our evening. I thought he was being silly, and wished he was serious. Little did I know, that he was absolutely serious.

There was a kiss that left us both wishing there was more kissing going on.
There was a waterfall and japanese gardens. There were statues of angels, and the singing of every song we knew with the word "Angel" in it.

But most of all, there was the beginning of something really special. The beginning of a lifelong commitment to being each others Special Person.

It's been 12 years today, and we're still madly, deeply and passionately in love with each other. Both of us can't wait to grow old together and all the adventures that will bring.

Rock solid, we are. Rock solid.


  1. Oh my god, Opal. Oh my god. So awesome.

    1. We had so much fun with this one, Reagan! I had the idea and a few minutes to spare, so I grabbed my hubby and was like "Quick! Let's find some old-timey looking clothing and do a portrait for our anniversary!" And he was like "Woo hoo!" We grabbed whatever we could find, and dragged a rocking chair out into our backyard. I put the tripod up in my sons tree fort. It was funny, because the clothing I'm wearing is not actually clothing, but a big skirt pulled up over my boobs and a blanket tied around my shoulders, and the skirt kept falling off and leaving me bare chested in our yard as I climbed up the tree fort. LOL! Then I'd press the timer and scurry back down the ladder, and scramble up the hill, sit on the rocking chair (which always seemed to have a thorny branch on it), hike my skirt back up over my bare breasts, and try not to be naked for the photo, and look like I'd been sitting there for hours like they used to back then, all in 12 seconds! It was fun!!

    2. And that story makes the picture even more awesome. I didn't think that was possible.

      Remote shutter releases are for wusses. All the cool kids run around breathless and naked using their self-timers. :)

      I was wondering if you were trying to replicate a specific photo, or just make something long-lasting and beautiful. Sounds like it's the latter. (Which, of course, is the metaphor.)


    3. Hahaha! Always breathless and naked, that about sums me up!

      Just trying to make something long lasting, and in a Vintage theme, which I've never tried. :)

  2. This is AMAZING! I <3 you guys so much! Happy 12 years!

  3. Oh, I'm all misty-eyed, now. You are both very beautiful. <3!

  4. If we've only been together for 12 years, where did you find this hundred year old photogram of us?