Saturday, 24 March 2012

m a r c h t w e n t y f o u r t h

What's this? Sun? No snow? No sub-zero temperatures?

We emerge from our cave house and rub our eyes, squinting at the sun, raising our arms to sheild their strong rays. There is mumbling, and the shuffling of feet as we drag our four bodies...... outdoors.

This is the first time Opalina Ballerina has been at the playground since she learned how to walk! Sure, she's been walking for 5 months. But it's been a looooong five months of winter.


  1. She's wearing Tao's old shoes! I love seeing things that I cherished for my babies on Opalina!

    We too have been rubbing our eyes in wonder as the sun shines and we emerge from our winter cocoon!

    1. Yes! I was wondering if you'd notice! They're so cute!