Tuesday, 20 March 2012

m a r c h t w e n t i e t h

This picture does not do the 8 ft tall pile of Burdocks justice. It just doesn't. (and my glove is on backwards, don't worry. I didn't disfigure my arm!)

I am a warrior! You think your yard is bad?? You aint seen nothin'!!


  1. I'll send that, that yard would take a warrior to de-weed! I remember those burdocks last summer, they were waaaaaay taller than me!

    Also, you are adorable!!!

  2. eff that burdock!
    do you have a master plan for your yard (garden?), or just slaying weed monsters? let us know if you need help or tools or anything. we have TONS of extra seeds too.

    1. Hmmm. Maybe I *should* be working with a master plan, but I'm just going out there like a crazy person, hacking down the FOREST of burdocks that have taken over our space in the last two years. I haven't been able to do a lick of work in the last two years because of bedrest and a back injury, so this year I'm anxious to make it beautiful out there.
      I'm still really new to gardening, and haven't had much success with it. It's kind of trial and error.

      I do have plans to build a path up the side of the house, and put down some Eco grass. And flowers. I want flowers!! Do you have flower seeds?