Sunday, 22 January 2012

j a n u a r y t w e n t y - s e c o n d

I'm standing at the sink, cursing under my breath about how much I despise washing dishes, and how nobody could possibly hate it more than I do, wishing it were just over already..when I feel something touch my leg.
Slowly, her little arms curl around my leg as she leans into my body and with a sigh, rests her sweet head on my knee.

I hold my breath, and wait, taking in the moment. I no longer feel the warm dish water on my hands. My mind is flooded with love and gratitude. My eyes well up, and I look down. Yes. My daughter is hugging me. She has completely wrapped herself around my leg. Not in that pulling, tugging way her brother would at this age when he wanted me to lift him. Not in a fearful way, or an excited playful way. Just, hugging.

Just to feel close to her life source.
Just for the comfort of Mamma.

I don't think my heart can bear it. It's too much! Yes, this is definitely the moment where it combusts from over-filling. "How did she die?" They'd ask. "Oh, it's tragic. Her daughter hugged her leg, and she exploded from the inside from too much love"

Today's photo is paired with a photo of her at two weeks old, after coming home from the hospital. She's only 5 pounds in this picture. That's a newborn shirt she's swimming in. Today she's still tiny, and a wee 18 pounds. I'm sure if I could find that tiny shirt, she would have still fit it. <3

Thank you, Opalina Ballerina. For putting my health at risk of internal combustion every single day. You have no idea how much I needed that hug.

Happy 18 month birthday!


  1. Aw... you're lucky: That little girl doesn't dole out the hugs very often.

  2. She is such a sweet baby girl. And you are easy to love!

  3. I got one of the cooking hugs too! I just about shouted in joy, but that would have scared her.