Friday, 20 January 2012

j a n u a r y n i n t e e n t h

My favourite thing about life, is families.

For the first part of my life, it was being a part of a family that was my favourite.
Then it was dating boys, and thinking to myself "Could this be the one I grow up and start a family with one day?"
Then it was meeting the man of my dreams, who also strongly desired to settle down and start a family.
Then it was, at the tender age of 17, starting that family with him.
Then, 9 years later, my favourite thing about life was making our family even bigger and watching our son become a big brother.
And now, it's being the mother of two beautiful children. (That's twice as many children as one, you know.)

One of the other joys in my life is watching other people I love and care about, make their families bigger, too. Especially when they've had trials in doing so, or losses along the way. When that little bundle slips into the world, earthside, my heart soars.

Welcome to the world, sweet baby boy. You are a very loved little one.


  1. Beautifully written! <3 My heart is happy as well. 2 best parts of the post:
    "(That's twice as many children as one, you know.)"

    "When that little bundle slips into the world, earthside, my heart soars."

    Anyways your post touched me today... Must find new baby to snuggle!

  2. Congratulations Lisa, and welcome Caellum! Beautiful little bundle.

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